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Online resources for reporting true crimes or suspicious behavior to policing authorities by country. The websites below are links to official sites and should be used for truthful reports only.
We believe that criminal acts should not be tolerated under any circumstances and encourage those with information that could stop a criminal act or could convict a criminal to contact the authorities below.

Report a Crime Internationally

Crime Stoppers International - Official world Crime Stoppers website with information on reporting crimes internationally.

Report a Crime in the United States

FBI - Official site of the Federal Bureau of Investigation allowing citizens to report any criminal activity, suspicious acts, or tips to solving a crime.

Crime Stoppers USA - Organization working to solve and prevent crime in the United States of America.

We Tip - Non profit organization allowing citizens to report criminal activities anonymously throughout the United States of America.

Cyber Crime - Official resources online to report Internet Crimes, including hacking, password trafficking, Internet Frauds and more.

Report a Crime in the United Kingdom

Police UK - Use this service to report criminal actions that include theft, criminal damage, vandalism, theft, and hate crimes. See the United Kingdom Police website for more details on reporting other crimes.

Crime Stoppers UK - Crime Stoppers is a United Kingdom based non profit organization encouraging citizens to come forward with information that could help solve or prevent crimes.

Report a Crime in Australia

NSW Police - Online tool for reporting crime in Australia to the NSW Police department.

Crime Stoppers - Australia wide organization working towards solving crimes, preventing criminal behavior and finding missing persons in Australia.

Please contact us if you know of a website that should be listed on the Crime Reporting page. Only official websites of authority sites that deal with accepting real crime reports from the public online.

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