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Stanley Tookie Williams Quotations
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Stanley Tookie Williams III
Born: 29th of December, 1953
Lives: Died 13th December 2005
Country: USA
Crime: Murder
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  • I've become a man of peace. My redemption keeps me strong.
  • Well, first and foremost, I'm innocent. And secondly, being allowed to live enables me to continue to disseminating my positive message to youth and adults throughout this country and abroad. And you know, lastly, being able to live, it would allow me to inevitably prove my innocence.
  • A jury convicted me because of the simple fact that there was an all-white jury.
  • I've done many bad things, but nothing of this magnitude, that's for sure.
  • I empathize with any family, you know, who has lost a loved one, and you know, I regret that that happened to their family. But honestly, you know, I can't express remorse or make an apology for crimes I did not commit.
  • I often tell people that I didn't have a 360-degree turnaround; I had a 720-degree turnaround.
  • Education is very important. It took me all of these years to discern that, and now I do.


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Stanley Tookie Williams Quotes of the famous American Crips Gang Leader & Murderer

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